Basic safety precautions of using a plasma cutter

Plasma cutters are the most economical multi-use steel profile cutters around, however they need to be handled with care. So that you can enhance productivity, let’s take a look at the basic tenets of plasma cutting safety precautions, so that you can reduce the likelihood of an unexpected, hazardous incident.

In general, you should:

  • Not allow any unauthorised personnel to use plasma cutting equipment without supervision or permission
  • Maintain a distance between your work and cutting area, particularly if items in your workspace are flammable.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy at all times

1.     Avoiding electrocution

Plasma cutters, especially those that have built in invertor technology, can increase the power output levels to the point of fatal shock if electrocution were to happen.  We recommend:

  • Ensuring the plasma cutter is grounded and wired properly
  • Wearing rubber gloves in addition to welding gloves
  • Standing on a rubber mat whilst cutting
  • Ensuring the working environment – including the person – is not wet or have moisture

2.     Safety around ground cables

Faulty wiring in any electrical device can be dangerous, particularly for plasma cutters. Always check the functionality of the ground cable and if there are complications, repair it with the help of an expert.

3.     Eye protection for arc rays

Plasma cutter arc rays produce severe infrared and ultraviolet rays, which are harmful for both the eyes and skin. Before you begin, ensure your clothing protects your skin and wear a face shield or safety glasses fitted with the correct safety lenses.

4.     Protective clothing

As you will be exposing yourself to high molten metal and fumes, it’s imperative you shield yourself with personal protective gear. These are just some of the clothes that should be worn when welding metals:

  • Protective shield or hat that covers the head fully
  • Safety shoes, ideally leather top steel toe shoes or boots
  • Welding gloves
  • Protective eye gear
  • Non-flammable welding aprons and clothing

5.     Precautions to lessen toxic gasses and fumes

As the plasma cutting process produces fumes and gasses, it’s highly advisable that welders work in a well-ventilated environment.

Our highly skilled profile cutting team possess years of specialised training and follow the most up-to-date safety processes when using plasma cutters, laser and oxy cutting tools on steel plates. If you need an expert in high definition plasma cutting to help you on your next project, get in contact with ShapeCUT today on 1800742 732.