4 amazing steel sculptures from around the world

Steel is an incredibly versatile material that can be melted and reshaped over and over, recut and remade, whittled, modelled, bevelled and bent.

If you find a piece of sheet metal, think about every useful thing that you could turn that flat piece of steel plate into, if only you had the tools.  Well, at ShapeCut have the metal cutting tools. We can turn that piece of steel into anything.  While making something from metal requires a lot of patience and skills, creating art made from metal and steel, takes time and accuracy.

Want to get more creative in 2017 by creating steel artworks? If you enjoy getting creative and want some ideas of how you can use and recycled steel, check out these amazing metal sculptors and sculptures for inspiration.

Anthony Gormley

Anthony Gormley
Sleeping Field evocatively exhibits the endless variation that can happen with a simple piece of metal and a little creative thought.

Jan Yong Sun

steel sculptures

With repetitive patterns and changing shapes, this phenomenal and prolific Korean artist makes metal look like water.

Park Chan Girl


Here, using thin slices of steel plating, Park Chan Girl makes magnificent and detailed sculptures, reproducing Michelangelo’s David in this particular sculpture.

Marco Cianfanelli


Using individually shaped metal rods, Marco Cianfanelli here reproduces a beautiful portrait of the great Nelson Mandela in the South African landscape.

If these amazing metal sculptures have inspired you to be more creative in the new year, bring your ideas to us at ShapeCut and we will help you make them a reality with our metal cutting and processing facilities. To get in touch, give us a call on 1800 742 732.

Image Sources: All images belong to the artist.