A strategic approach to Australian steel

Earlier this year, the Australian Steel Institute’s Chief Executive Tony Dixon called on the Australian Government to view Australian steelmaking as a strategic industry and create a procurement model that would see the Australian steel supply chain benefit from major taxpayer-funded developments.

As one of Queensland’s largest privately owned steel profile cutting and processing centre, ShapeCUT is part of the supply chain that Tony Dixon is referring to and companies such as ours would be among those to benefit from a government-backed boost to Australian steel manufacturing, which would increase jobs and investment in this vital sector of the economy.

“State and Federal governments have a clear role to play in establishing procurement policies that both encourage Australia’s industrial productivity whilst honouring the nation’s international obligations to treat all suppliers fairly, but this doesn’t need to be at the cost of a sustainable Australian industrial sector,” Dixon said.

Dixon continued, “As such, Australian steelmaking is a strategic industry supported by a broad supply chain mostly comprising SME businesses throughout the country.

All steel grades, sizes and thickness – in stock

ShapeCUT also has the largest range of stocked steel plate on the market. We stock more steel at our metal processing facility in Brisbane than Australia’s leading steel merchants.

Holding such stock quantities means ShapeCUT and our customers don’t feel the immediate impact of global steel prices as much as others, but the key reason for keeping stock levels high across all steel grades, sizes and thicknesses is so we can respond to our clients’ needs immediately. Our capacity and capability is all about being able to offer a fast efficient solution, including same day service.

Peak operational efficiency

There’s no doubt that the Australian steel making industry is under more pressure than ever and regardless of which end of the supply chain your business is at – chasing operational efficiencies has reached an obsessive level for all of us. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest laser cutting machines that allow for:

  • greater accuracy – higher degree of repeatability with tolerances +/- 0.2mm and up to 25mm thick
  • Cleaner cutting – Smoother cut edges requiring little or no finishing
  • Economical material usage – Allows for narrow cut widths and close nesting
  • Minimal distortion – Laser beam does not wear during the process

ShapeCUT’s range of oxy cutting, high definition plasma cutting and laser cutting machines together with our highly trained team means that we can achieve even the most intricate specifications, regardless of size or shape.

We’ve been in business for over 20 years, we’ve seen the global steel price and the Australian steel industry at their highs and lows. We’re still in business because we stick to what we’re good at – delivering the steel cutting our customers require with precision, reliability and speed. For steel profile cutting, oxy cutting or high definition plasma cutting of any kind, contact us today for a quote.