A new brake press brings ultimate precision to Brisbane

In a lean manufacturing environment, speed and repeatable accuracy are paramount. ShapeCUT’s latest European-made brake press delivers unrivalled results in both.

Ideal for every metal forming job across the wide range of die designs, as well as unique customised designs, ShapeCUT’s new hydraulic brake press brings a much greater degree of control to metal forming. Sophisticated software and an in-process angle management system ensures that every piece of sheet metal – from the first to the last – is formed to specific angles.

The advantages of ShapeCUT’s new state-of-the-art brake press include:

  • High approach, bending and return speeds
  • Reduced setup time
  • Wide opening and stroke
  • Change of speed only 2 mm above the plate
  • Hydraulic clamping units for fast tool changes
  • Flexible tooling and high efficiency options
  • Ergonomic design promotes best-practice safety and operator security
  • Easy integration with robotised cells

Brake pressing, or press braking, is not a new technique. This method of metal forming that uses a single-action press to shape sheet metal has been used for decades but maintaining accuracy was difficult and time-consuming. The latest technology, which uses digitally controlled back gauges and optical sensors to deliver ultimate precision, vastly reduces the reject rate, which translates to reduced wastage and reduced costs.

This versatile new addition to our manufacturing facility in Brisbane strengthens its position as the largest privately owned metal processing firm in Queensland and complements the company’s comprehensive range of sheet metal fabrication services that includes oxy fuelhigh def plasma and laser cutting, plus additional services like drilling, tapping, bending and bevelling. We are also home to Australia’s largest in-house stock of steel plates – ready and available now for your order.

We have the capacity and capability to deliver customised solutions and a same day service to metal fabricators and manufacturers servicing the transport, mining and construction industries.

For profile cutting delivered with the ultimate precision, reliability and speed, contact ShapeCUT today to get a fast, competitive quote.