Bunkers to survive the end of the world in style

What is a Doomsday Bunker?

House prices are continually climbing, as real estate investors, families and first-time home-owners are looking for the perfect place to live and invest in. But what about those of us who see a home as not just a place to unwind after a long day in the office, but a steel fortress of protection against the threats posed after civilisation has completely crumbled? Welcome to the world of Doomsday bunkers.

The idea is simple: If a major global catastrophe happens, you and your loved ones can safely just go downstairs into your underground bunker and wait out the months or possibly years it takes for society to become safe to re-enter. Fill the shelves with hundreds of cans of non-perishable food, some board games and a wind-up radio and you’re set.

Doomsday bunkers, like houses, come in all shapes and sizes for every occasion, style and budget. Some are outlandish, like the steel underground village built in the Cheyenne Mountain, while others get the job done with minimal fuss. As the world gets scarier by the minute, here are some doomsday bunkers that you might want to consider moving into.

The South Dakota Underground Co-Op isn’t just a bunker, it’s a community. No less than 575 concrete bunkers, each either 1,590 or 2,120 square feet, form a mini-city that will one day feature their own hydroponic gardens, shooting range and theatre. The price is low at a paltry $25,000 for the entry level bunker, but you will have to provide your own, well, everything. The entire area is completely off the grid, without even the basics like plumbing or electricity, perfect for hiding away from UFOs.

South Dakota

Surviving the end of the world in style

A more conventional solution could come as a delightful home in Falcon, Missouri, which from the outside looks like a typical house located in the woods. Underneath however is a 200 square metre reinforced concrete bunker, supplied with electricity, water and twin airshafts for long-term convenience. It’s the perfect addition to any family home.


If you need a bit more room and not willing to compromise on quality in your bunker, then perhaps this luxurious house in Texas may suit. Underneath the delightful home is a bunker built to accommodate no less than 12 people, and even comes complete with its own kitchen and laundry room. A handy built-in periscope lets anyone check out what’s happening in what’s left of the outside world, and two escape hatches allow survivors to venture out at any time.


Texas bunker

Moving up the scale is a survival ranch in Wyoming, which integrates the needs of post-apocalyptic survival with the beauty of nature. A 37 square metre bunker sits underneath the main three-bedroom, two bathroom ranch home, and is also nestled into the side of a hill for extra protection. A 2,000-gallon propane tank powers the bunker which is also connected to regular electricity and water supply as long as the rest of society can keep it functioning before zombies destroy everything. In the meantime, why not enjoy the rest of everything the 104 acre property offers, including plenty of animals to hunt and 65 acres of crop land.

Wyoming survival ranch

Better homes and missile silos

If you want something closer to the hustle and bustle of city living, even though the city could well be taken over by Terminators who are collecting humans like some kind of giant robot vacuum cleaner, then consider this renovated missile silo in Upstate New York. A cool three million dollars will get you the Atlas F Missile Silo, featuring a 60-metre-tall, 16 metre deep pit that is surrounded by metre-thick concrete that can be repurposed for anything you could imagine. Prepper-friendly living quarters? Weapon storage area? It’s up to you.

New York

25 miles west of Topeka is the Atlas E Missile Site, which is slightly more expensive but offers a lot of modern conveniences to make waiting out the apocalypse easier. A solar powered facility lies inside the silo and even comes complete with a stage where you and your friends can re-enact the last days of civilised society.


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