Custom spare parts: innovating car restoration

So you’ve finally tracked down the car of your dreams, a 1940’s Plymouth, a 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra, but it’s going to be a major rebuild and you’re struggling to find parts. Custom spare part fabrication is the answer. The introduction of custom spare parts has innovated car restoration for automotive enthusiasts, enabling many of the iconic vintage cars from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s to be able to be restored, even with parts getting more difficult to source.

Custom spare parts are easier to source

There are numerous reasons why custom spare parts are so important for car restoration, but scarcity would be the most prevalent. As vehicles date, parts get harder to source as it’s not viable for manufacturers to keep making these with new vehicles coming off the assembly line into the market. Being able to custom fabricate spare parts for vintage cars means you can have the exact part you need fabricated for a one-off restoration project.

You can achieve more superior functionality from custom spare parts

Better functionality is another crucial reason why custom spares are a necessity for vintage cars. With road safety rules evolving over the years, requiring vehicles to be able to perform to legislated safety standards to navigate the roads, some of the more dated parts don’t have the capacity to keep up. This is where custom spare parts make a difference. Custom spare parts enable vintage cars to be able to perform to current road safety regulations and navigate the roadways safely.

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Image Source: Shelby AC Cobra, CSX2000, the prototype Shelby Cobra, Shelby American Museum, Las Vegas, NV “CSX2000 is the first Shelby Cobra ever built and quite possibly the most valuable American sports car in the world. This 1962 Cobra has been owned by Carroll Shelby personally since it was built and is in “survivor” condition. The car still has its original four speed Ford 260 c.i.d. engine, brakes, interior and body. As this Shelby was used in various magazine stories when the Cobra was introduced, it has been painted several different times.” – Shelby American Museum. By Jaydec at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,