Making our steel infrastructure projects Australian Made

Buying and making Australian-made products is a source of pride in our country. Consumers have higher confidence in the quality of the product, also knowing that it doesn’t have a high mileage attached to it before it reaches your home or work-site.

The Australian-Made campaign believes that buying Aussie goods is great for Australia, with every $1 million of new retained manufacturing business in Australia around $333,900 worth of tax revenue is generated, $985,000 value-add is created, $95,000 is saved on welfare benefits and 10 full-time jobs are created. With Australian-made producing so many benefits for our country, why not extend it to using Australian steel for our infrastructure projects?

The reasons for using Australian steel are manifold. Supply surety is an important factor, as it’s far easier and more economical to use Australian steel suppliers to meet unexpected demand. Local suppliers keep in mind the demanding quality standards that local conditions require, so long-term reliability and maintenance costs are lower.

Sustainability compliance is another key issue, as you know that Australian suppliers have to meet certain requirements when dealing with waste products and recycling.

A supplier of ours that uses Australian steel is Liberty OneSteel. The group comprises a wealth of established Australian steel businesses through an integrated supply chain and is proud to be known as the country’s leading steel manufacturing and distribution company.

Recently joining the GFG Alliance group of companies, Liberty OneSteel has ambitious plans for the future including a world-class new steel plant at Whyalla and the development of new pumped hydro and solar plants around the country.

On the 31st August, 2017, Liberty House Group acquired OneSteel Limited, which now trades as Liberty OneSteel Pty Ltd.

Liberty OneSteel Metacentre remains focused on their unmistakable commitment to outstanding customer service, product quality and safety because as much as they deal in steel, they also deal in yours, ours and Australia’s futures.

ShapeCUT works with many Australian steel industry suppliers to help keep the country moving. We’ve been servicing the transport, mining and construction industries since 1994 and can deliver everything from unique designs to massive orders. Contact us today to see what profile cutting services we can provide you.