Marine metal: the partnership between steel and the sea

As one of Queensland’s leading steel cutting and processing centre, at ShapeCUT we’re obsessed with steel. In the territory famed for its beautiful coast, naturally we’re curious about what happens to our specialist metal when combined with the waters of Moreton Bay, Coral Sea and beyond. 21Thankfully, it’s much easier to illustrate what a versatile and exceptional pairing seawater and steel make through this clever World Steel Association infographic, detailing the ins and outs of why you should celebrate steel as much as we do – particularly when mixed with the ocean.

Transport to transform the sea

Whereas the seas were once ruled by iron ships, since around the mid-1900s we’ve been using steel to sail away as a lighter, cheaper material. Considering the volume of steel cargo ships on the water – as you read this, five or six million steel shipping containers are gliding from A to B internationally – it is true testimony to the hardiness and usefulness of steel when it comes to our oceans. And that’s just above the waves.

Sunken steel has done wonders for marine life off the coast of Delaware in the US. While 714 old NYC subway cars on the bottom of the ocean may sound a little ghostly, thanks to their steel structure, they’ve become an ingenious way to recycle for the betterment of the environment, increasing coral, fish and crustacean numbers by 400 times what they were only a few years back.

Re-energising the waves

It’s not only sea life that’s benefitting from steel either. Steel is the go-to resource for recuperating renewable tidal energy, used for structures of all sorts including poles and even turbine blades, accounting for 80% of materials used. The use of steel in conjunction with the ocean is sure to become an invaluable resource as we continue to search for energy sources that are healthy for the planet: steel is key in sustainability.

Of course, these facts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to steel and the sea. From hurricane-proof artificial reefs to flood defences, it’s easy to see why steel is such an incredible metal, and so important to the infrastructure of our oceans both under and over water.

ShapeCUT makes the best of your steel, whether for water or dry land

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Let’s take a look at the infographic, to see exactly why steel and the sea are indeed a perfect partnership.