National Manufacturing Week: Deliver the 4.0 revolution

It’s Australia’s largest manufacturing showcase – the National Manufacturing Week. From 9-12 of May, 200 exhibitors, 50 speakers, and 10,000 attendees will descend on the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre to experience the latest in manufacturing industry. The who’s who of the manufacturing world will be under one roof, and the National Manufacturing Week encourage all who are mad about manufacturing to get together to learn from the best in the business.

The main focus: Delivering the Industry 4.0 Revolution

The National Manufacturing Week is free to all attendees and focuses on five key areas which are at the foreground of manufacturing sector:

  • Industry Capability Development
  • Product and Service Innovation
  • Technology Innovation
  • Process Improvement
  • Sustainable Manufacturing

For the organisers of National Manufacturing Week it’s all about gaining expert opinion on the how the industry will advance in the future, focusing closely on how new technologies will shape the way we work, process improvement to increase productivity, and a deeper look at global sustainability.

What you shouldn’t miss

Throughout the week, there will be a fantastic variety of talks and demonstrations, but if you’re there to focus on the steel industry don’t miss out on these key talks:

BlueScope Steel’s approach to addressing mental health and wellness in the workplace

One of our steel suppliers, BlueScope steel is hosting a presentation on mental wellbeing in the workplace. They’ve got over 3,000 workers (mostly men) and have adopted an innovative approach to combating depression and anxiety with their fitness passport.

Panel Discussion: Preserving Public Safety through Compliant Fabricated Steel

Compliant steel is of the upmost importance to our industry. Whether you’re using laser cutting machines or finding ways to maintain your stainless steel stock, following safety procedures is paramount. Join in for this discussion on how to make safety number one.

More details on this event, including all discussions, workshops, talks and information on how to attend the Gala Ball can be found on the National Manufacturing Week website.

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