National Manufacturing Week – Innovation through Opportunity

Mark your calendars because the National Manufacturing Week is back and is already shaping up to the best of its kind yet. It’s the yearly event where the brightest minds in the varied manufacturing industries, including steel manufacturing, get together to network, discuss the challenges they face in their field and showcase the latest technological and process developments. Last year’s conference was a tremendous success and 2018’s show looks to be even better.

This year’s conference is being held for three days from the 9th of May at the Sydney Olympic Park, and will be focused on Innovation through Opportunity. With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate there’s never been a better time to improve the efficiency, environment impact and business potential of manufacturing, especially in the steel industry.

Beyond the exhibitors displaying their latest breakthroughs, there are a number of panels held through the three day conference that are of particular interest. Key ones include:

How to maximise R&D for innovation and growth

Many organisations have Research & Development departments, but do not take full advantage of the new ways of thinking that are often presented from them. By learning how to utilise the potential of R&D, companies can enjoy greater rewards by offering better products, without disrupting their existing workflows.

Australia as leaders in the application of graphene into the industry

The power and potential of Graphene has yet to be fully understood and many in the manufacturing sector are actively working to find new uses for the wonder material. Australian manufacturing has a unique potential to take advantage of the worldwide Graphene market, as long as suppliers are aware of market conditions. There can also be a new range of materials made possible with Graphene in the future.

Why metal 3D printing is disrupting the way we design and make things

3D printing has dramatically dropped in price over the last decade, and 3D printers that would have at one point cost the price of a small car can now be cheaply purchased by almost anyone. Metal 3D printing is following suit, with the advent of Additive Manufacturing Technology in use around the world. Offering stunning strength, speed and affordability, 3D Metal lets manufacturers go from initial concept to final product in a fraction of the time it would by using traditional methods. This panel will look at the future of Metal 3D printing and the problems and potentials on the horizon.

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