ShapeCUT continues partnership with Declan Fraser in 2018

The incredible fusion of technology and steel is something we’re always interested in at ShapeCUT, and that’s why we’re also involved in the exciting world of motor racing. Not only is it a great way to get the word out about what we do, but it’s also terrific fun to watch and cheer on your favourite drivers.

ShapeCUT has been loyal and avid supporters of Declan Fraser Racing since 2015. Declan and his support team have been tearing up the racing circuits in events around the world in go-karts and in their distinctive car 777, so he’s well on his way to an exciting career in the sport. ShapeCUT were proud to sponsor his competition entry to the Las Vegas Supernational XIXI go-karting championships, and the 2017 Toyota 86 Racing Series, where he finished an impressive 20th place. After a great race at Phillip Island recently, we can’t wait to see where he places next.

Jack Odabashian, founder and managing director of ShapeCUT, stated recently, “we are very proud to be associated with Declan Fraser Racing”, with the team backing up his sentiment. “We are proud to be a part of the support behind you in your endeavour to do great things with your racing career. Wherever that may take you, we’ll be along for the ride.”

Declan likewise was grateful for ShapeCUT’s continued patronage by saying “I am extremely grateful to Jack and the team at ShapeCUT for their loyalty throughout my racing career and I look forward to doing them proudly in the 2018 racing season.”

As Queensland’s largest and most capable provider of steel cutting services, ShapeCUT, just like Declan, is always pushing the limit of what can be done with speed and precision. To find out what we can do for your business, contact ShapeCUT today.

Declan Fraser