ShapeCUT Pitches in For Aussie Farmers

Turn on the news for even a few minutes and it’s clear that Australian farmers are doing it tough at the moment. The situation is especially dire in Queensland where local farmers are losing their cattle or even being forced off their land entirely because of the seemingly never-ending drought conditions.

The Buy A Bale fundraising campaign is doing what it can to make things easier. The idea behind it is simple: ask Australians to buy a bale of hay, which would then be delivered to the farmers that need it the most. Other vital supplies such as fuel, groceries and water are also going out to the farms, all thanks to everyone who’s backed the program.

ShapeCUT staff have recently got behind our local farmers by getting together and donating $1,000 to the cause. This was matched dollar for dollar by ShapeCUT’s founder and owner Jack Odabashian raising the total to an incredible $2,000.

This money was used by Buy A Bale to purchase 75 hay bales and a whopping 11,500 litres of water, which will be taken to where it’s needed the most.

We’d like to thank the thoughtful and hard-working ShapeCUT staff for pitching in to a great cause and urge everyone to support the hard effort being put in by Buy A Bale every day.