Shooting with ShapeCUT

ShapeCUT is proud to announce our sponsorship of Jared McCarthy, accomplished Air Rifle Field Target shooter, performing in the international shooting arena with the Australian team.

Jared’s precision shooting is complemented by ShapeCUT’s precision profile cutting. Jared McCarthy’s shooting sponsorship with ShapeCUT is one more bullet of success for the young man from Brisbane, who, at 12 years old, shot his first gun at the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) Brisbane range. When he first walked into the range, he was a quiet and shy underachiever with poor social networks. During his time spent at the range, Jared would become the champion of the Junior ASG, meet and befriend many like-minded young people, and travel around Australia and abroad to represent Australia with his talent.

Jared describes his journey, starting at 12 years old when he began seeking ‘something else’. His life consisted of school and video games, and he had a feeling that there might be more that he was capable of. When he stumbled on the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) Brisbane website, he wondered if he would ever be able to shoot a real gun instead of a video game gun. After some convincing, his parents allowed him to go to SSAA Brisbane, where he was to undergo a safety course before choosing his first .22 rifle to shoot.

Being the type of young man that enjoys a challenge, it was only his second time at the range when Jared McCarthy decided to enter into his first junior shooting competition. While he didn’t win anything in this first competition, Jared knew that target shooting fulfilled the part of his life that had been empty before.

Jared’s first precision skill test came with his first air rifle shooting challenge, brought to him by his mentor, Chris Crouch. The Steyr air rifle was used to enter a 10m Precision event, which involves hitting a minute target from a distance of 10m. At first, he underestimated the difficulty of precision shooting based on distance. Now, Jared McCarthy is a AAA-rated precision shooter, who competes in club, zone, national and international competitions.

ShapeCUT believes in prosperity through precision. At ShapeCUT, metal cutting precision is how we have earned our reputation for steel cutting in Brisbane. We have been hitting targets for over 20 years for our transport, mining and construction clients. Today, we are Queensland’s largest privately owned metal processing firm. Our ten modern machines allow intricate one-off designs or heavy bulk orders, and our capacity enables us to provide a same-day service.

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