Steeling the show: interesting Australian builds

At ShapeCUT, we’re always on the lookout for ways that the fantastic raw material, steel, has been used in architecture. Thinking of steel structures and buildings brings a few legendary candidates to mind – the Sydney Harbour Bridge being an old favourite and fine example.

However, recently we’ve noticed one or two ingenious Australian uses of steel in buildings across the country that just might inspire you to consider your own steel build.

A curvaceous multi-textural masterpiece

Architect Tim Hill designed and built a curvy masterpiece of a steel home down in Kensington, Melbourne, earlier this year. Steel was a core element of the exterior cladding, which consisted of sheets of pleated steel rounded off with a metallic pearlescent sheen. Clearly relishing the versatility of steel, Hill contrasted this striking scene with rusted steel rectangular hoods around the windows.

Together, the effect is not only intriguing but a showcase of how good steel can look, in addition to its renowned core strength.

More curves – in a Middle-earth kind of way

Looking at another home, this time over in WA, owner Nigel Kirkwood has created a living space inspired by the dwellings of hobbits – and it celebrates how steel can be used.

With a 19-tonne curved steel roof covered with earth, flora and fauna, the home maintains a cool temperature year-round, highlighting how steel can be an exceptional building material even in more unconventional spaces.

What about commercial buildings?

When considering your own build, it’s not just steel’s use in homes you should look to. This recent proposal has all but blown our minds in terms of its design and considered the application of steel: we’re talking about a new addition to Sydney’s skyline; a floating steel office.

Located on Clarence Street, the building will ‘float’ above an old electrical substation and the Shelley warehouse. Should it be given the go-ahead, the seven-storey build will rely on the strength of its solid steel frame, which will help provide the illusion of floating above the existing buildings.

Got you thinking? Us too!

We’re passionate about steel at ShapeCUT, whatever its use. When you’re thinking of your own build and require steel cutting to create results as outstanding as these interesting Aussie examples, give our team a call today. We’ll be happy to help.