Sustainability and steel

We believe steel is leading us toward a more sustainable future. Used as a construction material for new buildings, in everyday household products and everything in between, steel provides consumers with a sustainable and eco-friendly option.In order to better understand how steel is gaining popularity as a sustainable material, we’re going to consider its longevity, water consumption and contamination, advancements in cutting fluids, waste production and product recycling.

The longevity of steel

Steel is a very strong material and the best thing is, its strength doesn’t decrease over time; steel products can last for decades. Its durability is unrivalled by alternatives.

Effects of steel on water

Water is used in the steelmaking and steel cutting processes, most often in the cooling process to preserve tools and equipment. While the water used in these processes does come into contact with contaminants, most of these can be removed by simple filtration techniques. By running contaminated water through a filtration process, we are able to ensure that up to 98% of the water can be recycled or reused.

Steel cutting fluids

Advancements in eco-friendly steel cutting fluids provide us with more options for sustainable practices and improved performance. Switching from mineral oil-based cutting fluids to vegetable oil-based cutting fluids means we can help the environment, with the added benefit of increasing tool life.

Waste in steel making and steel cutting

Slag is the most abundant waste product from the creation of steel. Once considered waste, increasing efforts toward sustainability mean that this by-product is now almost entirely repurposed and used in cement.

Recycling steel

Did you know that steel is 100% recyclable? Steel is typically made up of three alloys: nickel, iron, and chromium. All of these can be isolated and recycled or reused. In fact, any given stainless steel item is, itself made up of approximately 60% recycled materials. Steel is one of the most recycled items in the world.

ShapeCUT is committed to a sustainable future for our community and our planet. We are proud to be part of such an environmentally-friendly industry.

About ShapeCUT

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