The high definition plasma cutting revolution

While high definition plasma cutting isn’t new – it’s been around for 20-years – technological advances have allowed plasma cutters to cut with more proficiency and through greater steel thicknesses. Today’s high definition plasma systems are now able to cut metal up to 6 inches in diameter.

What is high definition plasma cutting

With a need to create cutting torches that have greater precision, but prolong the life of consumables, engineers set out to design a plasma jet that would revolutionise the industry. Over time, high definition plasma cutting was created. This high-temperature plasma jet burns oxygen and electrical energy which it pushes through a vented nozzle. The nozzle then creates an arc that is perfectly cylindrical in shape and has a range of 60,000 amps per square inch.

The high velocity and density in range enable the high definition plasma cutter to cut more precise edges, and it covers the full range of metal fabrication needs. For instance, it was once impossible to cut bot-ready holes with no taper. However, high definition plasma cutting now makes this possible.

What are the differences between plasma cutters and high definition plasma cutting?

The earlier plasma cutters were limited to 30 amps in output power and as a consequence could only cut steel of up to a quarter of an inch in thickness. While these systems had an accurate cut on thinner materials not seen before, they could not cut through thicker steel. Gradually better mechanical components such as bearings, drive motors and software became available, and engineers were able to increase plasma cutting ability to 70 amps, or 10 mm (3 inches) cutting capacity, then to 100 amps. Today’s high definition plasma cutter cuts using oxygen on mild steel at 400 amps, or 75 mm, and cuts on aluminium and stainless steel at 800 amps, or 150 mm (6 inches).

Other differences include a lower cost per cut, higher cutting accuracy, and easier system use. Furthermore, the high definition plasma cutter has a far higher level of productivity.

ShapeCUT plasma cutting

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