The top steel articles you’ve been reading in 2017

As we look back on 2017 we can’t help but marvel at the new developments in the industry and as a company. Despite tempered expectations, the steel industry continues to grow in new and interesting ways, and we’ve even ventured into the world of motor racing with our sponsorship of Declan Fraser. Here’s the articles we wrote in 2017 that you found the most interesting on the ShapeCUT blog:

  1. A Short History of Australia’s Steel Industry

How appropriate that our look at the past year ends up going back to where it all began for steel in Australia. From humble origins in 1840 with the discovery of iron ore deposits, to the first furnace blasting into action in 1901, all the way through to modern industry of today, this fascinating account shows how far we’ve come.

  1. How Lasers Are Used in the Movies

This revealing look behind the silver screen shows just how much lasers are used to make some of your favourite movies of all time. Sure, no movie is complete without human actors chewing the scenery, but we’re more interested in the cool-looking lasers seen in the James Bond movies. Who can forget the incredible laser firepower that came courtesy of Star Wars’ original Death Star?

  1. What is a Steel Cutting Ceremony?

This is a question that obviously piqued the curiosity of many of our readers, and the full article details a remarkably interesting answer. The short version: it’s a tradition kept alive from the early days of ship building, but we also delve into related ceremonies such as the highly-regarded keel laying ceremony and why exactly people love breaking bottles of champagne upon a ship’s launch.

  1. Everything You Need To Know About Laser Cutting

We talk a lot about the many uses of Laser Cutting at ShapeCUT, but how exactly does it work? In this technical (but not too technical) feature we demonstrated the four main types of laser cutting, and how each other has a specialised use case for different materials and conditions.

  1. How Will the Government Secure Australia’s Steel Industry?

As much as we celebrate the past of steel here, we’re always excited to find out about the future. The Australian government has released an interim report based on their inquiries, and found that securing the sale of Arrium is a top priority. Additionally, a historic bill guaranteeing that all NSW state-funded projects must use Australian-made steel, further securing the local industry.

  1. 5 Tips for Creating Accurate Shop Drawings

Shop Drawings serve has the basic blueprints for complex construction or fabrication jobs, so making sure the tiniest details are right is critical. In this essential article, we outline five effective and time-proven methods to make sure your shop drawings are accurate, and reduce errors in the final product.

  1. Steel Made to Last: Sydney Harbour Bridge

Can you believe the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge is already 85 years old? The tallest steel arch bridge in the world was first opened to the public in 1932 and has stood the test of time. Our feature on this quintessentially Australian landmark examines the engineering work that went into its construction, as well as its historical significance.

  1. 4 Amazing Steel Sculptures From Around The World

Proving that the range and versatility of steel is only tempered by people’s imaginations, this blog post showcases some incredible artworks from around the world made entirely with steel. You may not have ever thought you wanted to see Michelangelo’s David recreated in steel, but trust us, you do.

  1. Everything you Need to Know about Bevelling

To answer your first question: It’s the method by which angled edges are created on a piece of metal, but that’s just the start of it. We delve into the many use cases of bevelling and show how it can be used in inventive and style-conscious ways.

  1. Urban Ghosts: The Boneyard Where Planes Go to Die

Airplanes are astounding in their durability – when you think about it, they’re basically steel cylinders that are thrown across the Earth thousands of times a year – but they don’t last forever. When it comes time for an airplane to be retired, many of them end up in the boneyard. This piece examines what happens to them next.

Thank you for reading the ShapeCUT blog in 2017, we look forward to bringing you more interesting insights into the world of steel and laser cutting in 2018. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your business.