Understanding the steel profile cutting process

Steel profile cutting is an in-depth process that takes a piece of steel and transforms it into a particular shape. Cutting is typically carried out on a table using a machine that is suitable for the product. Machine types vary as there are a number of different kinds of metals available in various thickness and grades, so not all can be cut the same way.

How is the steel prepared for cutting?

The steel is cleaned thoroughly before cutting. This process ensures that there is no residue on the steel to provide precision cutting. All steel profile cutting is delivered ready to be assembled or machined with any slag removed to reduce your production times.

What machines are used for profile cutting?

Oxy, plasma and laser cutting machines are the most commonly used for steel profile cutting. These machines have a number of benefits, which are as follows:

Oxy steel profile cutting

If you’re looking for a low-cost method to cut a two-dimension profile from a steel plate, then oxy cutting is perfect. An oxy-acetylene flame cuts the profile into the steel. This method is best for steel plates up to 300 mm in thickness and when heat is not a concern.

Plasma steel profile cutting

Used for cutting stainless steel profiles and carbon metals, plasma cutting is suited to various metal grades and thicknesses. This cutting method uses less heat and creates less distortion as it uses pressurised gas, which is channelled and electrically charged to produce an arc. The arc, which is plasma, is then used to cut the steel.

Laser steel profile cutting

Laser cutting is cost efficient with minimal distortion. These factors make this form of cutting ideal for thinner metals of between 0.2 mm and 25 mm in thickness. Using a laser beam to cut the steel, this process is highly accurate, cuts cleanly and allows for narrow cutting and close nesting.

ShapeCUT profile cutting

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