What are UFOs made of?

This 2nd July on World UFO Day, at ShapeCUT, we’re not taking any sides when it comes to the age-old question of whether there is Life on Mars. A UFO, of course, is just an ‘unidentified flying object’, so, by their very definition, we know nothing about them. There have been thousands of reported sightings in every corner of the globe, but at ShapeCUT, the specialists in quality profile metal cutting, we often find ourselves pondering the imponderable – what would they be made of?

What we do know is that metal processing is a fine art, and that if you had to make a UFO, you might just ask ShapeCUT to create your stainless steel plates cut to size!

Some science to the conspiracies

But if we want to bend our minds just a little bit more, there are other possibilities. If your mind goes all the way back to 1947, you might recall the Roswell incident and widespread claims of a UFO containing aliens that crash-landed in New Mexico.

Some theorists will tell you there is actually some science to the conspiracy. One tale is that a local actually recovered tiny pieces of debris from the ‘flying saucer’ in 2010 by using a metal detector. What he found was a silvery, aluminium-like metal which he got tested in a lab. “Either the lab made an analytical error, or the material is not from Earth,” he concluded.

So what exactly is a ‘flying saucer’? One theory is that the apparent circular motion has something to do with electromagnetic fields. In this case, the UFO will probably have at least a skin of some sort of super-conducting material, blocking out external magnetic fields and producing ‘lift’. One type of superconducting material well-known to scientists is in the ceramics family, while other experiments have been done regarding magnetic blocking with metallic glass composites.

Technologically-advanced ‘battery armour’

Yet another idea is that, because the occupants of these UFOs are presumably far more technologically advanced than us, the material of the craft itself will surely be designed for the mass storage of energy – ‘battery armour’, if you will. In fact, even on our modest planet Earth, innovative scientists have been looking into just that sort of thing, which, if fully developed by a higher intelligent life, could power the sort of inter-galactic space travel that has so fascinated generations of human beings.

Back on Earth – in the galaxy of Queensland, to be precise – ShapeCUT would happily help you with your UFO construction needs thanks to our decades of experience and stock of stainless steel plates cut to size. Whether you’re just patching your UFO with an aluminium plate or creating a whole fleet, we can help with your customised metal cutting and shaping needs, so give us a call on 1800 ShapeCUT – because the truth is out there.