Why Use Australian Steel?

When you buy Australian steel, you can count on a superior quality product. What’s more, reduced freight costs, minimal lead times, reduced inventories and a reliable, responsive supply chain mean higher returns. All in all, you can expect to save on costs otherwise wasted through inefficient reworking and maintenance over your product’s life span. 14And, in the case of any questions or issues, you’re well looked after with comprehensive after-sales advice services.

Unlike many of its international rivals, the Australian steel industry has developed product quality and efficiency through significant private investment. In addition, carefully developed training promotes excellence at all levels of workmanship. You can also feel good about the benefits that Australian steel brings to the domestic economy. Every 1,000 tonnes of production increases employment opportunities and provides substantial federal tax revenue.

Certainty of Supply

Australian steel’s efficiency, in terms of meeting the demands of your project and delivery schedules, is outstanding. Logistics are both flexible and cost-friendly, because transport by road, rail and sea is straight forward. Plus, the practicality of engaging in personal contact with fabricators and detailers brings further peace of mind. Should adjustments be necessary at any point – from cutting steel to steel profiling – they can be made easily and economically.


Users of Australian steel gain major cost savings across a project’s duration, thanks to reduced inventories and lead times, combined with profession post-sale consultation. There are plenty of highly skilled professionals on-hand, which reduces the costs of on-going maintenance and on-site inspections.

Commitment to Excellence

Australian Standards comprehensively cover all aspects of steel production – from fabrication to steel profile cutting. Excellence is assured at every level, including chemical composition, dimensional and mass tolerance, and all areas of workmanship. Furthermore, OHS preventive injury standards mean that Australia’s steel production is one of the world’s safest processes.

Caring For the Environment

Australia’s steel producers maintain sustainable, responsibly regulated supply chains that adhere to strict government requirements. Furthermore, the environmental stewardship program means that contractors must employ environmental management systems. Compared to international environmental inadequacies, there is no doubt that Australian steel is the socially responsible choice.

About ShapeCUT

ShapeCUT has been a leader in Queensland’s steel cutting industry for more than 20 years. Our premium technology, including access to one of the biggest stock of steel plates on the market, as well as our experienced team of steel profilers, gives us an advantage over our competitors when it comes to cut steel. Whether you need oxy fuel, high def plasma or laser cutting, and/or additional services, like drilling, tapping, bending and bevelling, give ShapeCUT’s experienced steel profile cutters a call today.