Why we love our Plasma Cutting Machine BHB

At ShapeCUT pride ourselves on our quality, precision cutting techniques. Whether it’s an intricate custom design, or a heavy bulk order, our experienced team offer fast, flexible, and superior service. Of course, a qualified and skilled team is only one half of the equation. We need to have the right tools for the right job.

To help us match the tool for the trade, we partnered with Specialist Machinery Sales – a machine tool consultancy business which aligns a business with machine tool specification to maximise value and return on investment.

Why Choose the PCS Machine with Drilling and Bevel Cutting?

Here is ShapeCUT owner Jack Odabashian giving a review for the Profile Cutting System’s Plasma Profile Cutting (PCS) Machine with Drilling and Bevel Cutting.

We chose the Plasma Cutting Machine BHB with Drilling and Bevel Cutting for a number of reasons. Firstly, the quality and accuracy of the machine itself is unlike any other in the market, with the end result nothing short of excellent. Too often, with lower quality plasma cutting machines there is a lot of extra chipping, sanding, and grinding due to dross – a re-solidified oxidised molten metal that is not fully ejected from the kerf during cutting – but with the PCS Machine there is no dross on the finished product. Their new generational machines allow us to do drilling up to 76 millimetres and up to 200 millimetres on plates. The automatic bevel cutting system included in this machine has been a welcome addition to our business.

As ShapeCUT focuses on outstanding service to our customers, we like to partner with businesses who share our values. Profile Cutting Systems has provided us with exceptional back up service for over 22 years. Their welcoming attitude and passion for high performance technology built on a culture of safety is why we continue to do business with them.

For high definition plasma cutting and a range of services including bevelling, drilling, bending, rolling and machining, contact the team at ShapeCUT today.