High definition plasma cutting machines quantity and quality

High definition plasma cutting machines have advanced significantly to deliver cleaner, vertical cuts particularly with steel thicknesses between 3mm-25mm.

ShapeCUT has five high definition plasma cutters. With table sizes up to 96m X 7m, ShapeCUT has the capacity to cut the world’s largest manufactured steel plates.

Our high def plasma cutting machines are fast and accurate with CNC controlled drill heads to tap holes too small to cut or require a high level of accuracy. Together with our laser cutting and oxy cutting capabilities, our high def plasmas can achieve even your most complex profile cutting needs in a range of plate thicknesses.

We also offer a range of metal processing services, including bevelling, drilling, bending, rolling and machining.

Contact our experienced team for a plasma cutting quote today on 1800 ShapeCUT (1800 742 732).