Get your machinery back on track faster

Today’s cut-throat market means operators push machinery and equipment to the limit to achieve tight margins. Breakdowns are inevitable and occur when you can least afford delay. Downtime costs money and that’s why ShapeCUT offers a Same Day Service for damaged components and breakdowns.

How do we do it?

ShapeCUT has the largest range of stocked plate in Australia. Our stock of quality steel is stored in-house at our facility in Brisbane and is available in ALL grades, sizes and thickness including non-standard sizes. In fact, we have 5000+ tonnes of steel stock, which is more than most steel merchants carry. Whether it’s an AS 3678-250 in 3mm or AS 3678-350 300mm, ShapeCUT has you covered.

ShapeCUT also has the machinery to do the job. We use state-of-the-art profile cutting and metal processing machines to deliver precision and speed. We have several oxy cuttinghigh definition plasma cutting and laser cutting machines dedicated to specific plate sizes. We also have newly designed machines that drill, mill, countersink, bevel and etch steel on the same profiling table to reduce handling and processing.

But, what really makes ShapeCUT’s Same Day Service possible is our experienced staff and established processes. Our dedicated employees man our workshop from 6am to midnight for a rapid turnaround. Efficiency and quality is crucial to this service too, that’s why we have meticulous stock control, record keeping and order processing through a custom-built job processing system.

Get quality profile cutting TODAY

To find out more about our Same Day Service, contact our experienced team on 1800 ShapeCUT (1800 742 732) today.