Custom steel components innovating road transport

When your business is road transport, then you depend on the efficiency of your fleet to move freight at scheduled times. This generally means that your equipment has to perform for hours under the strain of heavy loads with minimal downtime between shifts. Having high-quality trailer componentry is crucial for vehicles to withstand the impact of this type of workload. This is why many road transport companies are turning to custom steel trailer componentry to go the extra mile.

Why custom trailer componentry is integral to linehaul performance

Standard heavy haulage vehicle componentry, while strong and durable, isn’t as resilient to the constant pressure of heavy loads as custom steel components that have been specifically built for this task.

Custom semi-trailer componentry is replacing discontinued or difficult to source parts

Road transport companies can’t afford to have vehicles off the road for extended periods of time while sourcing parts for repairs or maintenance without affecting their service. This is another integral reason why the linehaul sector is turning to custom trailer componentry to replace steel parts that are either hard to find or have been discontinued.

Companies that are already benefiting from using custom semi-trailer componentry

While custom trailer componentry is being used more frequently by many road transport companies looking to increase their return on investment from their equipment spend, linehaul companies can use customised axle and suspension systems to more efficiently handle their trailer configurations and increase their truck’s load bearing capacity.

If you’re interested in discovering more about the benefits of custom steel componentry for road transport equipment, contact the fabrication specialists at ShapeCUT today. ShapeCUT specialises in custom componentry and spare parts for the transport and mining industries and has the latest steel and laser cutting equipment to design and fabricate steel componentry to your exact specifications. By investing in superior quality componentry and spare parts for your trailers, you will instantly maximise your investment from your equipment spend in performance and load carrying capacity.

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