ShapeCUT Profile Cutting for over 30 years


Cutting Through Thick Gauge Steel

Oxy fuel cutting (known as oxy cutting) allows metalworkers to cut extremely thick metals with ease. This cutting method uses a high velocity cutting torch of oxygen and fuel, which makes it possible to produce almost any shape from steel plates up to 300mm thick.

Oxy cutting machines are ideal for producing products like industrial weights, counterweights and heavy componentry. From complex one-off designs to bulk orders, ShapeCUT delivers reliable, exacting, flexible and fast steel profile cutting.

Oxy Cutting Capability

ShapeCUT has four oxy cutting machines with eight cutting heads. These powerful machines operate on cutting tables up to 22m x 4m and cut steel up to 300mm thick. Our reliable oxy cutting machines, together with our  plasma cutting, laser cutting machines and aluminium routers can fulfil almost any profile cutting requirements.

We also offer a range of metal processing services, including bevelling, drilling, bending, rolling and machining.

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Additional Profile Cutting Services