Any Shape, Any Size

With state-of-the-art CNC controlled steel profile cutting machines, extensive plate stock on site and a custom-built job processing system, ShapeCUT can deliver your steel profile cutting needs with precision, reliability and speed – no matter the job size.

Over the past 30 years, ShapeCUT has been delivering quality profile cutting to metal fabricators and manufacturers servicing the transport, mining and construction industries. Today, we have 14 modern machines, the largest of which has a table length of 96m and can cut thicknesses of 5mm to 300mm with exacting tolerances.

The size and versatility of our machines translates to improved cut quality and precision, efficiencies in machining time, reduction of waste and above all repeatability. From intricate one-off designs to heavy bulk orders, ShapeCUT offers oxy fuelhigh def plasma and laser cutting, plus additional services like drilling, tapping, bending, bevelling and more – we are your one stop shop.

Proven Efficiency

Our custom-built job processing system has meant streamlining every aspect of our service. It enables immediate order processing, machine scheduling and final delivery through meticulous stock control, record keeping and automated processes.

The system also delivers efficiencies in machining time and reduces waste by instantly formulating the optimal materials and cutting time, no matter the complexity.

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You can learn more about our profile cutting machines and even view our extensive range of stocked plates from 0.5mm-300mm.

With more than 4,000+ tonnes of steel available immediately, you won’t have to wait for your steel cut solution. Contact ShapeCUT today for a fast quote on 1800 ShapeCUT (1800 742 732).