ShapeCUT Profile Cutting for over 30 years


Greater Accuracy, Cleaner Cuts

Laser cutting is a precise method of cutting steel, involving a focused beam of laser light which melts, burns or vaporises metals. It is capable of achieving accurate cuts with a quality finish.

ShapeCUT owns two state-of-the-art laser cutting machines to cater to bulk and custom designs.

  • A 6kW laser power cutter with a 6250 x 2050 cutting table, complete with a patented Adaptive Laser Cutting system which automatically measures and adapts to ensure an exact cut, significantly reducing rework and scrapping.
  • A 5kW laser power cutter with a 12000 X 3000 cutting table

Our modern, multifunction laser cutting machines also offer reduced setup times. Depending on your specific requirements, ShapeCUT can coordinate your complex laser cutting needs.

Quality Laser Cutting

At ShapeCUT, we match the right people with the right machines. Our team of highly skilled metal processors have undergone rigorous training to operate our laser cutting machines and follow the highest standards to ensure the workmanship is 100%.

  • High accuracy – high degree of repeatability with tolerances +/- 0.2mm and up to 25mm thick
  • Clean cutting – Smooth cut edges requiring little or no finishing
  • Economical material usage – Allows for narrow cut widths and close nesting
  • Minimal distortion – Laser beam does not wear during the process

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Additional Profile Cutting Services