Declan Fraser Takes Pole Position

Nobody embodies the phrase “put the pedal to the metal” like Declan Fraser. ShapeCUT has been a proud sponsor of this young racer for many years now, and it’s been a joy to watch him climb his way up the racing circuit season upon season.

The Toyota 86 Racing Series continued as part of the Newcastle 500 in November 2018 and was an incredible showcase of the determination, skill and racing prowess of the Declan Fraser Racing team. A series of three races were held in Newcastle and the ShapeCUT-adorned car 777 led the pack from the first race. Declan held onto the pole position all the way from start to finish, passing the chequered flag more than four seconds ahead of second place and securing adulation from the crowd along the way. It was the team’s first win and was also done in a record-breaking time. What a way to make your mark on the championship ladder!

Declan Fraser Racing

A technical fault in the second race saw Declan finish in 22nd place, meaning that he started race three right at the back of the pack. However, he worked his way through the other cars over the course of the third race to finish at a more than respectable seventh place, which is a tremendous achievement. The course goes over many of Newcastle streets and is a hard slog for even the most experienced of drivers, so kudos to Declan and his support crew for putting up a tremendous effort.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the team at Declan Fraser Racing will do next, and will be cheering them on from the audience.

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Photo: InSyde Media