Hidden benefits of constructing with steel

Did you know structural steel currently accounts for nearly 25% of non-residential Australian high rises, and is continuing to increase in popularity. In fact, it’s the preferred product in overseas construction, particularly in the UK and USA.

If you are contemplating the pros and cons of wood, concrete and steel structures for your next construction project, here are some steel benefits to add to your pros column.

Structural steel is lighter than wood

This sounds surprising, yet it’s true when it comes to steel construction. Obviously if you weigh an identical 2X4 piece of wood and steel, the steel will naturally weigh more due to its density. However, when you look at what you’ll need to build a sound structure, the design of a steel I-beam will win on the lightness scale compared to the lightest structurally sound wood beam design in the market.

By building with a lighter material, architects and designers can simplify building’s foundation and structural support systems, reduce on shipping and transportation costs and use those reductions in budget to fund other areas of the build.

Faster turnaround on projects

While safety and compliance are a massive priority when constructing any building, project managers also don’t want it to take 10 years.

In construction, time is money – particularly when it comes to labour costs. Working with steel can help you get the job done quick as it requires less manpower.

Steel beams and parts are pre-engineered and laser cut to a specific design with a steel cutting service firm, which means once cut can be shipped out, ready to be erected, speeding up completion time particularly for large-scale projects.

According to our steel supplier, Liberty OneSteel, constructing with steel means fewer concrete pours and, consequently, fewer trucks on build sites, reducing noise, material waste and traffic disruption.

Greater flexibility for designers and architects

Some of the most amazing architectural feats in history have been constructed from steel. Using steel allows architect’s imagination to run wild, giving them the ability to not only create a resilient structure, but a memorable one to. If adding an addition to an existing building, steel also offers a safer and easier extension solution.

Reduce lifetime costs

As stated before, you can benefit in the short term by building with steel, but did you know it comes with a lifetime of savings too?

  • Steel can be recycled – Stop adding to the landfill problem with non-recyclable construction waste. Any leftover materials can be recycled and you can even construct your project with recycled steel plates
  • Durability and economic choice – as steel requires so little maintenance, it’s a better choice in the long-term for building owners and even over the course of 40-50 years, building owners could save tens of thousands of dollars
  • Innovation in steel production – combined with greater demand, steel prices are an affordable solution for construction. Those savings can then be passed on to the tenants or consumers
  • Lowered insurance premiums – thanks to its ability to withstand high winds, fire, flooding and seismic activities which Australia is known for, as well as resistance to pests and decay, insurance companies can offer lower premiums for steel structure buildings

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