How Hollywood loves steel

It’s testament to how much of a role steel plays in our everyday lives that we rarely step back to contemplate its impact upon the world. Steel began to become an integral part of our society during the industrial revolution, and continues to remain so as new and innovative methods of steel processing are developed.

Our appreciation of steel can also be easily witnessed in popular culture – in this article, we’ll take a look at Hollywood’s best-known references to steel.


It’s a film franchise which needs no introduction, although it’s hard to believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger initially thought that the film would be a flop. However, the box office proved him wrong and the movie propelled his career to dizzying new heights.

In the original movie, the Terminator is a machine created via numerous methods of steel pressing and processing to kill John Connor, who will eventually grow up to lead the human race in a war against machines. On paper it sounds ridiculous, but generation after generation continues to love the Terminator series. The sequel even features a protagonist made of molten steel.


A fictional love story set across the backdrop of the ill-fated ship, Titanic was the first movie to gross over a billion dollars and received no less than 14 Oscar nominations. This historically accurate film showcases the engineering might of shipyard workers of the day, who had to rely on rudimentary tools and processes – today’s modern steel cutting tools would have made the job a lot easier.

Real Steel

The idea for Real Steel first surfaced in an episode of the Twilight Zone way back in 1963. Directed by Peter Jackson, the premise of the movie involves giant stainless steel robots replacing human boxers. The robots are controlled by real boxers, thereby negating the possibility of injury – although as we all know, nothing goes quite so smoothly in a Hollywood blockbuster!

Kill Bill

Perhaps the ultimate contemporary revenge movie, Quentin Tarantino’s two-part Kill Bill sees Uma Thurman take on the role of the bride. Left for dead on her wedding day, Thurman must embark on an epic (and suitably violent) journey in order to track down (and despatch) her nemesis, Bill. Steel plays a huge part in the movie, as katana swords are the Bride’s weapon of choice. It’s gloriously gory good fun, but certainly not for the squeamish.

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