Honda invents new laser cutter for auto production

Japanese vehicle manufacturer Honda recently announced that they have developed a laser cutter which is strong enough to be used in mass auto production. Until now, this wasn’t possible as laser cutters available on the market can’t cut steel sheets quickly enough to be used in automotive manufacturing.

An innovation in laser cutting

The experts at Hitachi Zosen Fukui and Honda Engineering have created a mechanism that can move a high-powered laser beam extremely quickly. They’ve also developed a device which will enable them to feed thousands of metal sheets each day – a quantity essential for mass vehicle production. This new system can cut metal 10 times more quickly than lasers currently found on the market.

Honda have already installed the new laser cutting system at their plant in Saitama prefecture, Japan, and are planning to use it when manufacturing the Vezel SUV and the Fit subcompact car. Depending on its success, the company may bring it to their other plants around the world.

The benefits for Honda

With the traditional method of using metal dies within body parts, it’s tough to change designs after the mass production process has begun. Automotive manufacturers frequently keep using the same metal dies for several years for this reason. But this new system will give Honda more flexibility. Parts can be changed by simply updating the program settings on the system. Expenses will also be cut down, because the need to make metal dies is eliminated.

For Honda, this development means it’ll be easier for them to make a profit from a lower production volume. They’ll be able to begin making more unique new vehicles, helping to boost their already excellent reputation for being innovative.

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