Steel earning green stars the responsible way

Sustainability has become more than an environmentally-conscious buzzword in the manufacturing industry over the last decade. It’s become an important guide to how buildings are designed, engineered and fabricated, all in the name of having a must-have rating: The Green Star certification.

Green star world

Having a Green Star certification means many things for a building or skyscraper. First and foremost, it signifies that the building has, where possible, used recycled or recyclable materials in its construction. Further, the construction was as environmentally efficient as could be. People who live or work in Green Star-certified buildings know that they’re in a place that has the environment in mind through its creation.

Earning a Green Star certification is a rigorous process, where every element is considered for its environmental impact.

It was the creation of the “Design & As Built Rating Tool” in 2014 by the Green Building Council of Australia that changed how building design and construction was rated in this country. There are nine categories that the tool rates buildings on: management, indoor environment quality, energy, transport, water, materials, land use and ecology, emissions, and innovation.

The Design & As Built Rating Tool set new benchmarks for all parts of the building’s manufacture process to be measured against. Each part is potentially eligible for a Green Star point, and if the overall project has earned enough points the building is certified.

The benefits of steel

Using steel is one of the best ways around to earn Green Star points. As steel is infinitely recyclable, this sustainable steel offers the same strength as freshly made steel and is of course better for the environment. The process of recycling steel itself has undergone extensive redevelopment over recent years, resulting in more environmentally-conscious methods using Electric Arc Furnace techniques.

Electric Arc Furnace techniques

Source: Industrial Efficiency Technology Database

Further Green Star points are available for buildings that use environmentally-friendly materials such as high-quality concrete that wraps around the steel.

One such building that has been awarded no less than six Green Star certifications is the BHP Billiton building at 480 Queen Street, Brisbane. A significant portion of the building used 350 Grade Universal Beams by OneSteel, which was not only strong enough to handle the load this massive structure required demanded but also used recycled steel where available.

480 Queen Street, Brisbane

Source: Brisbane Open House

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Green steel infographic