Steel making the cut in couture fashion

Steel plays a part in our everyday lives. It forms the appliance that brews our morning coffee, it frames the high rises we work in and it is welded into the heavy machinery that helps build Australia. It’s not every day, however, that you witness it moving gracefully down the catwalk or hanging on the rank of a high-end designer boutique.

Steel is the unexpected material of choice in a daring couture collaboration between Swedish fashion designer, Naim Josefi, and steel manufacturing mill, Voestalpin Precision Strip.

Their creation, the “famous steel dress” uses steel which is only 22 microns thick – a quarter of a normal hair. The steel mill is one of a few in the world with the capability to produce steel this thin. It’s a process that uses a complicated series of cycles of high precision cold rolling and annealing down to form gauges that are thinner than silkworm silk.

The threadlike steel strips formed a spectacular sequin pattern which glittered against the glare of the lights when displayed at Stockholm Fashion Week in 2017.

It seems the new approach to fashion ethics was also represented at the 2017 Oscars, with actress Bahar Pars donned in a dress by the designer which featured over 6,000 rolled steel embellishments.

This isn’t the first time Josefi has used steel in his daring fashion creations. He has also designed a steel necklace, in the form of two hands, and a pair of avant-garde heels for Lady Gaga, seeing them come to life with a 3D printer.

Gert Nilson, technical director at the Swedish Steel Producers Association, believes a creation such as this showcases the opportunities inherent in steel, saying “creativity and technical skills in combination can create an exceptionally elegant steel dress that is neither heavy nor difficult to wear.”

On his innovative piece, Josefi said “I want to surprise, show the unexpected, move creativity forward. Sustainability is also very important to me, and as it is 100 % recyclable, steel is an obvious choice.”

In a world where fast fashion rules all, a Josefi has taken stand against the disposable attitude the fashion world thrives on by creating an enduring outfit that not only takes into consideration the design, but the processes and materials behind the masterpiece.

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Images and video credit: Jernkontoret