ShapeCUT’s new laser cutting machine has landed

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Published by: iFactory Support, 05 August 2015

Exciting news! A brand new laser cutting machine has landed in the ShapeCUT workshop. Standing proudly among our assembly of HD plasma and oxy cutting machines, our pristine laser cutting machine offers the very latest technology from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of metal fabrication equipment.

Introducing our new LVD Impuls 6020 laser

Over the past decade, laser cutting has developed into a state-of-the-art technology. It has greatly improved cutting speeds, accuracy and finish, all while producing minimal tool wear and offering unlimited flexibility. And, now we have one in-house!

Our shiny LVD Impuls 6020 offers the very latest in laser processing technology. For instance, while other machines may use telescope optics to compensate for divergence of the laser beam, the Impuls Series eliminates divergence using a constant beam length system. This ensures optimal cutting conditions over the entire cutting area.

Features include:

  • 6250 x 2050 cutting bed
  • 6kW laser power
  • Material capacities include Steel up to 25mm, Stainless Steel up to 20mm & Aluminium up to 16mm
  • Tolerances +/-0.2mm

Better results with Adaptive Laser Cutting System

Topping off these impressive features would have to be LVD’s patented Adaptive Laser Cutting (ALC) system. In the past, processing thicker materials in unmanned environments has been more time consuming and costly. Now, with the ALC system, productivity is increased by up to 10% and part quality assured.

So, how does it work? The system uses dynamic feedback to monitor and regulate laser power, speed and assist gas pressure in real time during the cutting process. In other words, instead of relying on pre-defined parameters, the machine automatically measures and adapts to ensure a consistently accurate cut. This increases quality meaning less rework and scrapping of expensive thicker materials.

Quality laser cutting with ShapeCUT

Now that the equipment is installed and the team has undertaken rigorous training, the same great ShapeCUT service that we are renowned for on our oxy and high-def plasma machines is offered with our state-of-the-art laser. The quality and speed of the LVD Impuls 6020 has already impressed our team of metal processors, and we’re eager to show off our new skills to you.

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