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Women in the Workforce: Forging New Pathways at ShapeCUT Steel

Published by: Tracey Henderson, October 14, 2023

This initiative isn’t just a win for women or for companies; it’s a win for the community and the industry as a whole.

The vital contributions tradeswomen are making to the steel and manufacturing industry.

At ShapeCUT Steel, we’ve always known that achieving excellence requires more than cutting-edge technology; it requires a team that is both diverse and highly skilled. Over our 30-year history, tradeswomen have joined our workforce and made contributions that are nothing short of transformative. They’ve proven themselves in roles across the board, bringing fresh perspectives, a strong work ethic, and a unique approach to teamwork that enriches our operations. The skills women bring to our team aren’t just desirable—they’re essential for our ongoing push for excellence.


The significant role diversity plays in driving innovation, quality, and operational efficiency.

The landscape of heavy industries like steel cutting and metal processing is undergoing a much-needed shift. While men have long been the primary face of these sectors, the rising wave of talented tradeswomen is reshaping this picture. Diverse perspectives and skills are catalysts for innovation and growth. We know when women step into roles in operations, management, or on the workshop floor, they contribute to creating a more vibrant, diverse, and effective work environment. Furthermore, women in the workforce bring unique market insights which add another layer of understanding to our customer service to improve our company’s reputation as a forward-thinking industry leader.

Addressing and overcoming challenges that are unique to women in trades to foster a culture of inclusivity.

That said, the path for women in the trades hasn’t been without obstacles. The issues range from a lack of representation and mentorship opportunities to a belief that these jobs are only accepted by men. At ShapeCUT, we see these challenges not as roadblocks but as issues to be addressed and overcome. To this end, we’ve established mentorship programs and dedicated training initiatives that help our female employees build both their skills and their confidence. Additionally, this focus on training cultivates a more respectful and collaborative work environment, reinforcing mutual respect among all employees.


Outlining initiatives that are designed to empower and support women, ensuring they are set up for success.

ShapeCUT Steel provide our employees, especially our tradeswomen, with the tools they need to succeed. We are committed to creating a culture where everyone feels valued and heard. By recognising the differences in all our staff, we can better empathise and have the right social awareness to enrich our team dynamic and collaboration, making the workplace more effective and enjoyable for everyone.

Exploring the broader societal and economic benefits of including more women in traditionally male-dominated fields

The implications of empowering women in the workforce extend far beyond our company walls. It’s not just about fostering an inclusive environment at ShapeCUT Steel; it’s about setting a standard for the industry and, by extension, influencing industry norms. When more women thrive in trades and other historically male-dominated fields, we’re not just shaping steel; we’re shaping future generations. The ripple effects include increased economic benefits, breaking down traditional barriers. This initiative isn’t just a win for women or for companies like ShapeCUT; it’s a win for the community and the industry.

ShapeCUT Women at work on the computers

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